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Annular Solar Eclipse 2023 - Saturday, October 14th
Friday night I made sure my digital camera was charged and the tripod ready.
Early Saturday morning, it kind of looked like the cloud cover was going to cooperate.
However, by 9a the cloud cover was pretty robust. Peak eclipse for our area was about 9:21a.
The clouds were so bad, I didn't even bother to drag the tripod out - but I did bring the camera outside. By 9:24a, things were looking dismal. I began to mope towards the house. Looking back one last time, there appeared to be a weak spot developing in the cloud cover!
It was just enough to begin seeing the well-underway eclipse.
With full zoom on the camera and no tripod, I grabbed about a dozen photos in three minutes before it all disappeared behind clouds again. Seven of those photos are below in a slide show, in order. The darkest of them was the last I took before fast moving clouds covered it all up again.
Next chance to see a solar eclipse here is April 8th, 2024 - however, only about 26% of the Sun will be covered from our viewing angle.